Artist ‘Paints’ With Marijuana Smoke

Artist ‘Paints’ With Marijuana Smoke

In an unusual twist of protest-inspired art, a Brazilian artist paints compelling images using the smoke puffed from the illegal substance.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon
  • 13 august 2012

Brazilian artist Fernando de La Rocque stretches the artistic possibilities and influences of the controversial marijuana plant, known by its scientific name cannabis sativa, by creating an exhibit titled “Blow Job” or Trabalho de Sopro and features images drawn literally from the smoke of marijuana.

De la Rocque creates his unique artworks by blowing cannabis smoke onto stencils in the shape of controversial religious and political figures. He believes that:

more important than freedom to smoke marijuana is the freedom to think about it and make art with it. Polemic issues divide opinions, forcing people to think and debate.


Fernando de La Rocque


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