Mountaineering Pants Siphon Sweat And Keep Climbers Warm

Mountaineering Pants Siphon Sweat And Keep Climbers Warm
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High-tech garment can keep different parts of the body warm and/or cool simultaneously.

Yi Chen
  • 23 august 2012

The X-Bionic Mountaineering Pants are especially designed for high-altitude environments to give climbers the flexibility and comfort needed. The pants are divided into sections where insulation varies depending on where you need warmth the most and least. Around the hips and buttocks areas, X-Bionic adds a thicker layer of ‘ISO-Pad’ to keep the temperature up. Near the knees, the 3D-BionicSphere siphons off excess sweat to prevent overheating.

The high-tech pants are also created from abrasion-resistant material, to reduce the chances of tears against sharp edges when climbing. The Mountaineering Pants won a 2012 iF Design Award and retails for around $465, available in both men’s and women’s.


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