David Byrne Creates Movable Typographic Bike Racks In Brooklyn

David Byrne Creates Movable Typographic Bike Racks In Brooklyn

The singer and artist puts a creative twist on a utilitarian structure.

Karen Baker
  • 24 august 2012

Image credit Dino Perrucci 

Bike racks tend to blend into the background of a city, hiding away in plain sight. What if they instead stood proud as representatives of a city’s personality and culture?

In 2008 musician and avid cyclist David Byrne created a series of bike racks installed across New York. From a high heeled shoe placed on a busy shopping street to a silent black pup calmly waiting outside, New Yorkers could lock their cycles to public art.

Four years on the artist has finally made his way to Brooklyn. Commissioned by the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Byrnes returns with typographic bicycle racks that embrace the city’s identity as home to the creative hip.

The “letters” of each rack are movable, meaning that they can be swapped out and moved around to spell different words. Unveiled on Tuesday 8/21 the first word Bryne chose to spell was “Pink Crown:”

Another series to the side of the museum spells out “Micro Lip:”

This public art piece is as functional as it is engaging, changing with the museum’s events and Brooklyn’s identity. We can only hope the trend of branding through public, usable artwork continues.

Top image credit Dino Perrucci, third image credit G.R. Christmas and bottom credit Jason Accime

David Byrne // Brooklyn Academy of Music // BAM Press Release


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