Play Music On Terry Crews’ Muscles In Interactive Old Spice Ad

Play Music On Terry Crews’ Muscles In Interactive Old Spice Ad

A 'flex' of the pecs, biceps, and abs creates a unique symphony

Allie Walker
  • 30 august 2012

Who knew flexing your muscles could be so entertaining? In the latest ad for Old Spice, Terry Crews’ muscles become the controller for a variety of instruments. A flex of his left pectoral sounds the beat for a blue drum set while the right pectoral makes two pieces of wood clap together; Crews can ‘make music’ on anything from an electric guitar to a homemade washtub drum by flexing one or more of 16 different muscles.

The real fun isn’t in watching the ad, but in getting to record your own version of the ‘music.’ After the ad has finished playing, viewers can create and record their own songs with Crews’ muscles. Simple keyboard controls (a cheat sheet is below) trigger Crews’ muscles– but not listed on the cheat? The control for the letter ‘a,’ which oddly enough makes a string of sausage appear.

‘Muscle Music’ was created by Wieden and Kennedy to promote the new Old Spice scent Danger Zone, and is the first interactive and shareable ad on Vimeo. Or, in the words of  W+K, a ‘technological and pectoral breakthrough.’

Watch the video below and then record your own ‘Muscle Music:’

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