3 New Ideas To Reinvent The Draught Beer Experience [Partner Content]

3 New Ideas To Reinvent The Draught Beer Experience [Partner Content]

Heineken invites fans to submit innovative concepts to create a new era in beer drinking.

Allie Walker
  • 3 august 2012

In a rather audacious move, Heineken is asking people from certain countries around the world to come up with new ideas tied to the draught beer experience. Over at the Heineken Ideas Brewery site, creative minds can offer a new vision for the beverage company.

Heineken say that draught beer is enjoyed the world-over, but it has not changed much over the years, and Heineken sees the potential to take inspiration from technological advances and the development of other industries to create an exciting new era in draught beer.

Here are a few ideas that PSFK noticed on the Heineken Ideas Brewery site:

1. Drinking with the stars by Edwin Froma

With use of Augmented Reality you can drink with famous people. Every glass got a special unique ‘code’ which you can scan with an App. When you do this, you’ll see a star showing up who’s drinking a draught beer with you and your friends. You can easily make a picture and share this through social media with your friends. Besides celebrities you can upload your own pictures so when you have to miss an evening you can still be there with your friends.

Vote for this idea here

2. Frozen beer foam by Sanjith Yeruva

I wonder if Heineken can adopt and evolve the Frozen beer foam, which is a new innovation from Japan. The foam is essentially made from the fluffy head of beer flash chilled, then dispensed on top of your pint like soft serve ice cream.It works like a frozen lid that keeps your beer cold while you drink. Plus, you can eat the foam when you are done with your beer like a bonus little icy beer dessert. No more worries about beer-to-foam ratios.

Vote for this idea here

3. StarApp! by Sabrina Teixeira

Pouring beer has gone upside-down. With this innovative device, draught beer is filled from the bottom of the glass, catching the eye of the drinker while different waves and shapes are poured. This device is installed in the center of the table or in bars. Consumers can easily place the glass in the upper part and receive a perfect and attractive pour. Even more, once the glass is filled, a beermat is automatically attached. With Bottom-up, pouring beer has changed. Enjoy a fresh and cold draught beer served in a radical new way that will catch everybodies attention!

Vote for this idea here.

How To Submit Your Own Idea??

To submit, Heineken asks readers of PSFK to imagine draught delivering that kind of effect; an engaging or energizing experience, at different moments during a great night out. It’s open to drinking-age adults who live in the following countries: Austria, Brazil, parts of Canada, China, Czech Republic, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, UK & most of the US.

Once ideas have been submitted, you can ask your friends on your social networks to vote for them. 6 ideas will be chosen and six finalists will be selected and given an exclusive opportunity to participate in an idea-enhancing workshop in Amsterdam in November. At the end of the workshop, you will present their improved concepts to the Official Jury, who will then select the winners.

There will be three winners, who will be awarded cash prizes. The overall winner will get $5,000 US for their idea — and the runners-up will both receive $2,500 US. So go submit an idea at

To support the challenge, PSFK will be interviewing brilliant creative minds who are reimagining the world around them. We will talk to artists, designers and other brilliant creatives to understand what fuels their innovative work. Look out for new interviews on PSFK as they appear over the next few weeks.

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