NYC Local Government Utilizes Kickstarter To Improve Low Income Neighborhoods

NYC Local Government Utilizes Kickstarter To Improve Low Income Neighborhoods
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The crowdfunding platform now has a local page to help residents improve areas in New York City.

Laura Feinstein
  • 22 august 2012

Has there ever been something in your neighborhood you wished would change, but just accepted the fact that it probably never will? In NYC this is a daily reality, as sidewalks remain unpaved and the same subway step trips hundreds of riders every year. With the levels of bureaucracy need to get things done around here, it can seem sometimes hopeless to enact real change in an area.

However, someone tech savvy must have recently gotten a hold of the New York City Council, which announced this week it will begin curating Kickstarter campaigns aimed at improving the quality of life in New York City’s most in-need areas via a dedicated page, Focusing on a mixture of projects, including restaurants, urban farms and art installations, the campaign aims to get socially conscious city residents, and those internationally, to contribute a few dollars and help make New York City better for all its residents.

City officials are particularly proud of their newly achieved entrepreneurial skills and are touting the partnership as a cutting-edge method of promoting business, and a way of improving access to start up capital to small potential business owners.
“From East New York to the South Bronx, we’re going to kickstart New York’s low-income communities through our partnership with Kickstarter,” said Speaker Christine C. Quinn in a release. “New Yorkers are still struggling, and we need to do everything we can to give people a leg up.”

The City Council is taking very little of a gamble with this partnership, having seen how the site has helped local small businesses in the  the past, including Seasoned Vegan, a Harlem-based restaurant that raised more than $20,000 on the site.

Other highlighted projects include a Pop-up restaurant, a beatboxing program for blind children, and a planned mural are all among the first batch of City-curated ventures.




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