Upcycled Furniture Made From Old Car Parts [Pics]

Upcycled Furniture Made From Old Car Parts [Pics]
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Rusty materials found in a junkyard recycled into unique home and office pieces.

Yi Chen
  • 17 august 2012

Designer Ronen Tinman has found a creative way to reuse discarded automotive parts and give them a second life as home or office furniture. He has turned old cars and motorcycles into items including modern tables, cabinets, lamps, and shelves.

There’s the Volvo washing station created from the complete engine hood of a Volvo 240. The hood of a Citroen C4 has been bent and curved into a hall table with a pull-out drawer. And then there’s the freestanding lamp made from a motorbike wheel and a fuel tank.

Tinman’s works are mostly influenced from his background as a mechanical engineer. He buys raw materials from different junkyards and it could take several months to transform rusty parts into polished and unique furniture items.

Click through the thumbnails below to see more images of the furniture.

Ronen Tinman

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