Statisticians looked at factors like GDP and total population to determine who the real winning country is when it comes to performing at the Olympic Games.

This article titled “The alternative Olympic medal table: the final winner? Russia” was written by Simon Rogers, for on Monday 13th August 2012 12.00 UTC

The Royal Statistical Society and the Datablog teamed up with four statisticians at Imperial College, London, to help us work out how key factors might change the Olympic league table. By ‘weighting' the medals, what happens to the results?

And we have a winner: Russia.

The team, Christoforos Anagnostopoulos, Giovanni Montana, Axel Gandy and Daniel Mortlock, looked at previous olympics and traditional indicators such as the output of a country's economy (GDP), the size of its population – and also ways to weight the score by the size of each country's Olympic team.

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