Television Series’ New Online Ad Campaign Stalks Potential Viewers

Television Series’ New Online Ad Campaign Stalks Potential Viewers

Submit personal info to help uncover a conspiracy and you'll find increasingly targeted ads 'following' you around the internet.

Nestor Bailly, PSFK
  • 14 august 2012

Television network A&E has created a creepy campaign around its upcoming ‘Coma’ miniseries. Upon arriving at the promotional Coma Conspiracy webpage users are asked to enter their information to help uncover the ‘coma conspiracy.’ In reality they are signing up for a series of banner ads for the show’s nefarious ‘Jefferson Institute’ that become increasingly personal and targeted. You might have seen the noticeable Coma Conspiracy street ads around town recently as well.

The videos and photos up on the Coma Conspiracy site are believable high-production pieces that seem to have fooled quite a few people based on the Facebook comments posted there. Engaging internet users like this then serving them fictional ‘ads’ to creep them out really gets people involved and in the mood for the show, even if it is just a remake of a 1970’s movie. Kudos to A&E for an engaging mainstream use for gathering personal information that really does enhance audience experience.

Check out one of the promotional videos below:



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