Paper Shopping Bag Folds Into A Clothes Hanger

Paper Shopping Bag Folds Into A Clothes Hanger
Design & Architecture

An innovative and sustainable concept proposes a solution to reduce waste and promote upcycling.

Yi Chen
  • 27 august 2012

The H+Bag is a simple yet innovative concept that allows a paper bag to transform into a clothes hanger, and vice versa. The unique bag was created by designers Hyojun Jeon, Younha Hwang, and Minjae Kwan. Using the easy-to-follow graphic instructions on the bag, users can easily reuse the shopping bag in a more practical manner while also being sustainable.

The designers explain the inspiration behind the eco-friendly design:

In order to face against environmental problem, instead of plastic bags, paper bags have been activated by [clothing retailers]. However, it was also proven ineffective since customers throw them away after using them once. This causes another problem with wasting natural resources.

To turn the bag into a hanger, users can follow the printed graphic directions on the paper bag. Now, when you buy new clothes you won’t have to search for a hanger anymore- it’s in the bag!

The H+Bag is an entry as part of the 2012 iF Design Talents.

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