Create Your Own Personalized iPhone Case With A 3D Printer

Create Your Own Personalized iPhone Case With A 3D Printer
Design & Architecture

A new startup creates customized iPhone and Blackberry cases using the latest technology.

Alice Chan
  • 22 august 2012

Polychemy is an online designer boutique set up by artists who specialize in designs using 3D technologies. The company recently debuted its new line of 3D cases for the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and Blackberry. The Singapore-based company houses a special 3D printer that allows any design to be printed. The computer digitally sculpts and models the product, creating anything from jewelry to mobile phone covers.

Made from Polyamide plastic, the cases on sale now feature a range of intricate designs. Polychemy is also recruiting new artists to contribute designs that will be made into products. With each case constructed individually to order, users can customize various aspects such as color, pattern, and even adding their own names. The iPhone 4/S and Blackberry cases retail for US$40 via Polychemy’s website.



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