Photo-Realistic Images Created From Thousands Of Crayons [Pics]

Photo-Realistic Images Created From Thousands Of Crayons [Pics]
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Christian Faur uses handmade colored wax to form amazing artworks.

Yi Chen
  • 13 august 2012

Artist Christian Faur has created a series of images using just ordinary wax crayons. Each photo-realistic picture includes thousands of stacked colorful crayons that resemble small pixels when viewed up close. His works have included a portrait of his daughter as a child, made in different hues and patterns.

Faur’s creative process involves making the crayons himself, coloring and casting the wax. A pixelated image of the original photo is generated on his computer and printed out, before the crayons are stacked in boxes to create the amazing final product.

Click through the thumbnails below for more images of the artworks.

Christian Faur

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