QR Code On Beer Bottle Label Gives At Home Brewing Instructions

QR Code On Beer Bottle Label Gives At Home Brewing Instructions

The new Digital IPA from Yeastie Boys encourages anyone to be a craft beer maker.

Yi Chen
  • 29 august 2012

Yeastie Boys is a small craft beer brewery based in New Zealand; the brand recently created a new line of beer called ‘Digital IPA.’ When drinkers scan one of the five QR codes found on the label, they are directed to an online site where they can find instructions on how they can make their own version of the Digital IPA at home.

Digital IPA is a special edition open-sourced ale and Yeastie Boys hopes to encourage users to brew it at home to help improve the current recipe. The beer has won a gold medal for its packaging at the Sutton Group Brewers Guild of New Zealand Beer Awards 2012.  The label was designed by design company Deflux; art director Simon Courtney speaks to the decision to open the recipe to anyone through the use of a QR code:

The use of QR codes stems from the strong social voice of the Yeastie Boys and a feeling that the space on a label couldn’t fully say everything about this beer, or encapsulate who the Yeastie Boys are and what they stand for.

In fact, you don’t even have to buy the Digital IPA- find the recipe online here to start brewing your own.

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