Neon Light Bridge Draws A Rainbow On The Water

Neon Light Bridge Draws A Rainbow On The Water
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An innovative design spin on an elevated pedestrian walkway turns it into a functional artwork that "paints" a dazzling multi-colored display on the water beneath it.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon
  • 8 august 2012

For most pedestrians around the world, functional artworks are a fascinating and entertaining blend of art and urban planning. In Magong, Penghu County in Taiwan, the Xiying Rainbow Bridge draws awes and praises from locals, tourists, and netizens alike with its unique use of neon lights to emit a rainbow-like light painting on the water it overlooks. Check out the pictures of the Rainbow Bridge below to see the impressive use of lightplay and blending it in with the water’s natural canvas.

Images by Crackberry and Fubiz


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