Rare Images Of Haiti’s Soon To Be Demolished National Palace [Photos]

Rare Images Of Haiti’s Soon To Be Demolished National Palace [Photos]
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Reuters Photojournalist Swoan Parker captures one of the country's most important historical sites weeks before its final demolition.

Laura Feinstein
  • 27 august 2012

In 2010 the nation of Haiti, one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere, was struck with a cataclysmic earth quake which decimated much of its already fragile infrastructure. Almost two years later, Haiti still struggles with rebuilding its towns and cities as thousands continue to live in make-shift houses across the region. One structure that especially received the brunt of the earthquake was Haiti’s famed National Palace, which acted as the country’s White House, and whose impressive visage was a major source of pride.

For safety reasons, the government of Haiti has decided to demolish the former National Palace in the coming weeks. Reuters freelance photojournalist Swoan Parker had a chance to snap a few pictures of the astonishing damage the once majestic building has sustained.

In a recent interview with NPR’s Laura Sullivan, Parker spoke to the state of the Palace and the grounds:

I was a little afraid to take more in-depth pictures because of the instability of the structure. Because there are chunks of concrete just dangling from the ceiling, you are wondering if they’re just going to come crashing down on you. So you walk as gingerly as possible, and just cross your fingers that nothing’s going to happen.

To check out some more of Swoan Parker’s brave and unflinching photojournalism, you can visit her portfolio site below. Also, if you’d like to hear her full interview with NPR, you can visit their webpage at


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