Reclining Chair Has A Built-In Bookcase

Reclining Chair Has A Built-In Bookcase
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A blend of nature-inspired design and efficient use of space, this unique chair concept can hold your favorite books while you relax and read.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon
  • 14 august 2012

The Sunflower chair is an eye-catching chair concept crafted by designers He Mu and Zhang Qian from the Shanghai University of Engineering Science. Inspired by the natural design of one of the most popular flowers in the world along with the natural tendency of people to read books while relaxing in an armchair, Mu and Qian created the Sunflower chair that channels the beauty of a sunflower with book slots to serve as its petals. The chair concept was recently awarded  the Redtory Design Award at the Design for Sitting Gran Prix competition hosted by art and design studio Redtory in Guangzhou, China.

Image via He Mu and Zhang Qian

Shanghai University of Engineering Science

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