How To Reimagine Design For Small Spaces

How To Reimagine Design For Small Spaces
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Simone Simonelli is a designer who creates furniture that can adapt to the user's needs. One of a series of interviews brought to you by the Heineken Ideas Brewery.

Kyana Gordon
  • 30 august 2012

PSFK recently spoke to Simone Simonelli, an industrial designer whose work explores creating multi-purpose furniture for smaller spaces. Inspired by Heineken’s new challenge to reinvent the Draught Beer Experience, has interviewed change-making creatives who are constantly reinventing the world around them. Simone discussed how his work reimagines design for small spaces, the inspiration for his recent Maisonette collection and what dual function furniture means for the future of consumption.

How does your work re-imagine furniture for small spaces?

My work re-imagines spaces in a continuously changing setting – like spaces that can adjust to multiple purposes at different times. My furniture is always adapting to the ever-changing needs of the house.

With people living in smaller spaces and becoming more aware of their consumption habits, do you think we’ll see more mobile furniture in the future?

I think people will become more aware of what they buy. Every purchase must be more thought out and more defined, and I think that objects with different functions will be appreciated because of our habits and lifestyle. I look at my own lifestyle. I’ve moved to three different houses in three years, if I had furniture or objects that served multiple functions I imagine I could bring them with me because they could be applied to different situations.

Tell us about the Maisonette line of furniture that serves a dual purpose. Are you thinking of creating more pieces like this?

Maisonette is a collection that was born out of an exhibition called Uncovered. The brief: What are the design features that matter to you today?

I thought about what responded to my needs, and my needs today are to live in a micro space because of the high cost living and my constant moving. So I tried to answer the brief by designing some object that could fit into a micro-living situation. My answer was to design objects with multiple attitudes. Small yet flexible, then I added simplicity. I think an object complex in functions must be simple in their appearance and the way that they communicate. Maissonnete is going to be produced by a Danish company (soon I can give more details, I am signing contract this days) and we will most likely enlarge the collection to include other objects. 

What are you currently working on?

I am finalizing a lighting project with an Italian company to be presented at the Euroluce 2013 and Milano Design week.

Also, right now I am pushing projects I have developed last season. I feel that nowadays I need to bring my projects to the next phase before jumping into a new project.  We need explore the design aspect of a project more deeply instead of falling in love always with a new proposal. For the future I have planned to work more in the medium of industrial design because I feel the need to grow into other areas beside furniture.

Thanks Simone

About Heineken’s Challenge To Reinvent The Draught Beer Experience

In a rather audacious move, Heineken are asking people from certain countries around the world to come up with new ideas tied to the draught beer experience. Over at the Heineken Ideas Brewery site, creative minds can offer a new vision to the drinks company.

Heineken say that draught beer is enjoyed the world-over, but it has not changed much over the years and Heineken sees the potential to take inspiration from technological advances and the development of other industries to create an exciting new era in draught beer.

Submit your new draught experience concepts at Heineken Ideas Brewery.

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