Forget Rooftop Gardens, China Now Has Rooftop Offices

Forget Rooftop Gardens, China Now Has Rooftop Offices

Four villas sit atop a mall's landscaped, living roof in Zhuzhou, China.

Karen Baker
  • 30 august 2012

Image via China Daily

Dorothy, you aren’t in Kansas anymore.

As cities look for ways to increase their green space many are turning to the only open urban spaces left: rooftops. The city of Zhuzhou in China’s Hunan province is taking the push one step further, implementing not only a “living roof” atop the Jiutian International Square Mall, but a villa.

Four suburban-looking houses have already been installed en plein air, standing two stories tall and measuring approximately 500 x 500 meters. They are meant to be offices for the mall’s real estate development company and their 160 employees.

The local government has been making steady investment in green architecture and environmental efforts since the city’s designation in 2008 as one of the nation’s 34 “garden” cities. Green spaces such as this help address the urban heat island phenomena whereby a city is much hotter than its rural neighbors; adding office space into the mix is a nice benefit.

via China Daily

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