Shazam-Like App Finds Out Who’s Behind Political Ads

Shazam-Like App Finds Out Who’s Behind Political Ads

A fun and informative way to get involved in the upcoming elections.

Yi Chen
  • 24 august 2012

If you ever wondered who exactly is behind a political campaign, now there’s a mobile app for that. The ‘Super PAC App’ works similar to Shazam and SoundHound, but instead of music, it is able to listen to and identify political advertisements.

Users simply need to hold up the phone to the speaker and the app would reveal more information about the ad, such as what campaign it is, who made it, how much it cost, and how accurate the claims made in the ad actually are. Users can also rate the ad with expressions such as ‘love,’ ‘fail,’ ‘fishy’ and ‘fair.’

Super PAC App was created by Jennifer Hollett and Dan Siegel as a result of a class project at MIT’s Media Lab. Hollett explains that:

The goal is to get regular people using this app — not just journalists and policy wonks, but regular people using it because it’s informative and fun to use. It’s easy to forget the presidential election is about regular people. We’re hoping our app changes that.

Super PAC App

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