Olympic Track Field Guns Redesigned To Get Around The Speed Of Sound

Olympic Track Field Guns Redesigned To Get Around The Speed Of Sound
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A 'silent pistol' is being used in the 2012 games that is connected to speakers behind each athlete competing in a heat ensuring all athletes hear the pistol simultaneously.

Plus Aziz
  • 3 august 2012

PSFK Coverage Of The 2012 London Olympics

During the Olympics everyone knows that every second–or hundredth of a second–counts. Due to lag in sound-traveling time, runners in the farthest lane have a disadvantage from the beginning of their athletic challenge. The ‘gun’ gives runners in the closer lanes a distinct leg-up. This year, however, the Olympics committee is using an electronic gun that makes no noise at all but is instead wired to speakers directly behind each runner, ensuring all runners hear the starting gun at the same time.

Omega’s re-design of the gun itself reflects a simpler, more contemporary aesthetic. It’s ultimate purpose is bringing a heightened sense of equality to athletic performance through advances in technology.

Omega Gun

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