Easily Share Photos From Last Night With Friends

Easily Share Photos From Last Night With Friends

iPhone app Flock eliminates the need to email people party photos, instead letting you create a shared album with friends using location information.

Emma Hutchings
  • 1 august 2012

The team from the tech startup Bump have created a new iPhone app that lets you easily share photos with your friends after events. Flock is connected to a user’s Facebook account, and enables photo sharing with friends from the social network in the same geographic area. It prompts users to share their photos with others present in the same location, and these are then uploaded to a private album where users can view, download, email or upload them to Facebook.

You and your friends love to take photos together, but they always end up on different phones. Flock finds the photos that you’ve taken together and makes it easy for you to share them with each other. So there’s no more forgetting to share photos.

Flock can also create albums using photos already on your phone as soon as you download the app and connect with your friends. Although it currently doesn’t let you add friends to an album who weren’t at the event, the team plan to add this feature soon. You can watch Flock’s ad below:


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