Startup Crowdsources Requests For Author Appearances On Book Tours

Startup Crowdsources Requests For Author Appearances On Book Tours

Togather launches a platform to revive the ailing book publishing industry by gathering potential book buyers before release.

Karen Baker
  • 9 august 2012

HUGE Inc. employees Aaron Shapiro and Andrew Kessler launched their site Togather on Monday to help authors tackle the hardest part of publishing: actually selling books. While tools like Twitter and Facebook help generate buzz, in-person events are key to turning buzz into purchases. This platform lets authors connect directly with would-be readers to promote and present their works.

Fans can use the site to crowdsource a reading by their author of choice, while authors can post their availability, see the votes and and use the number of RSVPs to decide which town to visit next. Togather ensures that authors have a full-house and effectively (and efficiently) reach a broader range of readers.

Watch how it works below:

Platforms that gather readers are gaining popularity, with sites like Readmill and Byliner facilitating conversation among fans of particular authors. Togather aims to take that conversation one step further and turn it into real-life gatherings and purchases. By letting the author interact directly with readers the publishing industry gets a second chance.


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