Stop-Motion Music Video Created In Excel [Video]

Stop-Motion Music Video Created In Excel [Video]

YouTube user Mystery Guitar Man creates a unique animation with spreadsheets.

Emma Hutchings
  • 30 august 2012

Instead of typing formulas or numbers into Microsoft Office’s Excel, YouTube user Mystery Guitar Man created what could be described as a work of ‘digital pointillism,’ filling spreadsheet cells with various colors to create a unique stop-motion music video of himself dancing and playing musical instruments.

To create the video, Mystery Guitar Man first filmed himself in front of a green screen and then digitally layered a mosaic pattern over the images. The mosaic pattern created a pixelated effect that broke the images into distinct ‘blocks’ of color. Mystery Guitar Man then used the images as reference, manually translating each pixel of every image (730 in total!) into an Excel spreadsheet cell.

One of the 730  ‘Reference Images’ he used to create the Excel video

Each image became a frame in the minute-long film, which Mystery Guitar Man animated by ‘scrolling’ or ‘flipping’ through multiple spreadsheet tabs. Who said Excel was just for math and finance whizzes?

You can see the spreadsheet animation below, as well as a behind the scenes video:

The finished video:

The ‘making-of’ video:

Mystery Guitar Man

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