Swiss Army Knife Makers Create Portable Solar Chargers

Swiss Army Knife Makers Create Portable Solar Chargers

Wenger has created the perfect eco-friendly gadget for tech-savvy campers and backpackers.

Yi Chen
  • 13 august 2012

Wenger is known for manufacturing the highly regarded Swiss Army knife, and has also been expanding into other outdoor gear and accessories such as shoes, tents, watches, and sunglasses. Recently, it debuted a new line of Portable Solar Charges that come in three different sizes.

The solar charges feature polycrystalline solar panels and lithium0ion batteries. It comes with a USB port that includes a retractable USB connector with five adapters. It allows the user to charge up to four USB-enabled devices simultaneously, such as a smartphone, tablet, MP3, or GPS.

The Portable Solar Charges are water-resistant and can be easily folded or laid flat for convenient packing. The smallest of the three with 2.25W power retails for $180, while the largest one with 6.75W power is priced at $340.


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