Touch-Sensitive Plant Lamps Control Lighting And Ambience [Video]

Touch-Sensitive Plant Lamps Control Lighting And Ambience [Video]

German designer creates an interactive flower vase that responds to touch.

Yi Chen
  • 8 august 2012

German designer Viktor Kölbig has combined nature and technology in his latest project called ‘Aura.’ The Interactive Light Objects allow users to control LED lighting by gently touching a living plant. For example, a light squeeze of the petals could dim the lights, and pulling the leaves could change the illumination color.

The flower vase is kept on a milled aluminum case with embedded LED lights. A separate box used to control the lights is hidden and the technology uses invisible sensors to detect the motions. Any plant can be used with this device and no electrical wires are needed to keep the display simple and elegant. Watch the video below for a demonstration of the Interactive Light Objects.

Viktor Kölbig


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