Amazing Unexpected Captures On Google Street View [Gallery]

Amazing Unexpected Captures On Google Street View [Gallery]

Artist Jon Rafman keeps a detailed log of the unusual moments the roving cameras have found.

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  • 29 august 2012

Montreal-based artist Jon Rafman has a unique way of capturing images; he combs through the Google Street View archives to find the oddest and scariest (and thus most amazing) sights for his on-going project The Nine Eyes of Google Street View. His focus on leveraging digital media is a testament to the vast potential it provides artists for finding materials to work with and concepts to develop. A press release on his website states that he:

Explores the paradoxes of modernity by mixing irony, humour, and melancholy… his work is informed by the rick potential provided by contemporary technology in its possibility for celebrating and critiquing contemporary experience.

In this shot, the Google Street View camera captured a man running in an orange jumpsuit- there are no captions, so one can only make an assumption as to the nature of the image– but given the desolate road and unusual attire, could it be an escaped convict?

And in this unusual capture by the Street View cameras, a tiger seems to be casually strolling outside of a local strip mall.

Click through the images shown below to get a glimpse of some amazing moments captured on Google Street View or visit The Nine Eyes Tumblr to view the full collection.

The Nine Eyes of Google Street View

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