Final Speaker Line-Up For PSFK CONFERENCE LONDON 2012

Final Speaker Line-Up For PSFK CONFERENCE LONDON 2012

Creative minds from the arts, technology, design and business will appear at PSFK’s fourth London conference to the latest trends, inspirations, and ideas.

Timothy Ryan, PSFK Labs
  • 31 august 2012

Each year, ideas site brings its celebration of creativity and talent to London in the form of a day-long conference. Speakers come from well-known companies like Jaguar, emerging mega-brands like Rapha and the start-up community. Topics covered include brand storytelling in the social age, design at the intersection of technology, learning and the virtual classroom, and sustainability in the era of big data.

PSFK CONFERENCE LONDON promises to be an inspirational day for everyone across industries and job role. Speakers include:

New Creative Panel

At the heart of PSFK CONFERENCE LONDON is a special panel that explores how the young creative professionals plan to apply themselves in the workplace. In a special partnership with, PSFK’s Director of Consulting Scott Lachut will present new graduates alongside ArtThreads CEO Alex Brownless to discuss the needs, wants and desires of a generation fueling a new era of business.

Special Guests

Speaker list subject to change.


+ben terrett
+Bethany Koby
+dan germain
+daniel hirschmann
+debbie forster
+diana verde nieto
+dj spooky
+Electronics & Gadgets
+Environmental / Green
+jason milligan
+jess butcher
+jonathan ford
+Katrin Baumgarten
+PSFK Conference
+Richard Banks
+stan stalnaker
+tamara giltsoff
+Work & Business

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