Spritzing This Perfume Will Help Wearers Lose Weight

Spritzing This Perfume Will Help Wearers Lose Weight

A new perfume uses endorphins to induce feelings of contentment and decrease the need to snack.

Karen Baker
  • 9 august 2012

A new fragrance by French parfumier Veld’s not only makes you smell nice, it helps you slim down too. Calling itself “The world’s first weight loss fragrance,” Prends Moi was released in France last year and to the UK just last month. The scent contains an ingredient called betaphroline that release beta-endorphins present in the skin. Beta-endorphins help stimulate feelings of well-being and reduce feelings of stress, which in turn helps decrease the wearer’s likelihood of over-eating.

Trial studies at the Center of Biological Research and Cutaneous Experimentation showed that the parfume had positive effects, as the Medical Daily reports:

It was revealed that 75 percent of the women felt that the perfume regulated the need to snack, 73 percent felt a feeling of pleasure, 70 percent felt a feeling of well-being and 70 percent felt it changed their eating behavior.

There are reportedly over 6,000 women on a wait list in the UK to try the product. If fragrance can trigger chemical reactions in the body with such positive results, the trend of using scent could have applications in other areas beyond weight loss.

Learn more in their video below:


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