What Will The Office Of The Future Look Like? [Future Of Work]

What Will The Office Of The Future Look Like? [Future Of Work]
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Redesigning the workplace to focus on the needs of the employee.

Wesley Robison
  • 25 august 2012

PSFK Presents The Future Of Work

As we delve into the Future of Work, we wanted to understand how the physical spaces in which we work will influence how we create, collaborate and even feel. In a digital, social culture that thrives on the dismantling and remixing of traditional structures and hierarchies, an office filled with closed doors, cubicles and fluorescent lighting is no longer sustainable.

As a result, we’re witnessing a new vision for the workplace that focuses on the needs of the employee, creating environments that are more open, invigorating and inspiring. This thoughtful approach to layout and interior design can boost well-being, satisfaction and productivity, making the 40+ hours we spend at the office each week a more enjoyable prospect.

Kicking off this week we will look at how the desire for innovation meshes with the increasingly social workforce. We look at how companies are crafting workplaces to foster collaboration. Read more about it here.

Over the course of the week we will take a look further into interesting signals and possible drivers that are affecting how the office of the future is being redesigned around the worker. Tomorrow we’ll be exploring the use of modular design to create greater flexibility within the workplace and Wednesday we’ll look at designing for health and wellness.

Over the next 4-8 weeks we want to start a conversation around what you see as possible in the Future of Work.  Be sure to follow the conversation on PSFK and participate in the daily competitions. Tweet us your ideas to @psfk using #FoW.

Image courtesy of c30 on Flickr.

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