Whiskey-Flavored Drink Contains No Alcohol

Whiskey-Flavored Drink Contains No Alcohol

ArKay Beverages has developed a drink that has zero calories, sugar, sodium, fat or alcohol but tastes like whiskey.

Emma Hutchings
  • 9 august 2012

Florida-based company ArKay Beverages is releasing an alcohol-free whiskey drink that they claim tastes just like the real thing. ArKay has zero calories, sugar, sodium or fat, and won’t give you a hangover. The innovative drink has been designed for those who like the flavor of whiskey but can’t drink alcohol because of medical conditions or religious beliefs. Launching internationally in December with the motto “Don’t Drink and Drive, Unless It’s ArKay”, the suggested retail price will be $10 for a 1 liter bottle and $4 for a 355ml can.

Whisky-Flavored Drink Sans Alcohol



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