Window Washers Turn Into Vodka Salesman For High-Rise Workaholics

Window Washers Turn Into Vodka Salesman For High-Rise Workaholics

To re-introduce the concept of ‘Summer Fridays’ to today’s dedicated workforce, ad agency, Amalgamated employed a unique strategy.

Kyana Gordon
  • 7 august 2012

How best to target overworked professionals? Go to the very place they “live” – the office. Ultimat Vodka‘s recent campaign did just that. Ad agency, Amalgamated with director Xander of East Pleasant, hired professional window washers in New York and Chicago to scale the windows of high rises, dressed in business suits. Instead of squeegees, they held up a series of signs that read: “Do You Ever Leave the Office?”, “Have You Heard About Fresh Air? It’s Amazing”, “Stop Working. Start Drinking”, and finally “Come Have a Drink (on us).” Inviting office workers to come outside for free drinks was the main goal, and the reactions on the other side of the window pane included high fives, utter joy, and feigned guzzling.

The stunt was part of a “Summer Fridays” campaign by the brand, which commissioned a survey revealing that employees who take summer Fridays off experience a better work-life balance and are overall more productive on the job. For the high-rise employees who managed to tear themselves away from their spreadsheets, drinks awaited for them a few blocks away.

Check out Ultimat’s surprising web ad below:

Ultimat Vodka


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