Always Find Your Keys With This Wireless ‘Keychain’

Always Find Your Keys With This Wireless ‘Keychain’

The Wireless Sensor Tag is a small monitor that can sense changes in movement or temperature,alerting the owner when something changes.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon
  • 27 august 2012

California-based design firm Cao Gadgets has created a ‘smart’ tag that can help solve the most perennial home problems, from finding lost keys or mobile phones to helping you recall whether you left the refrigerator door or window open. Cao Gadgets’ ‘Wireless Sensor Tags’ monitor the movement or temperature of anything it is assigned to monitor or ‘tag.’ Wireless Sensor Tags allow monitoring from any location with Internet access and may be attached to items that are easy to lose, such as car keys, phones, or small articles.

The tags can be set up to beep when triggered through an app for iOS or Android. The tags can also push emails or tweets through the app when the sensor registers changes in temperature or movement.

Watch an overview of the Wireless Sensor Tag in the video and scroll through more images below:

Wireless Sensor Tags

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