OwnFone’s spartan interface features just enough buttons to cover the no-nonsense basics, such as getting in touch with 'favorite' contacts.

Today's handheld communication devices, from smartphones to tablets, offer varying ways to touch base with as many contacts as possible, but an emerging mini-phone offers almost the complete opposite. OwnFone, a low-cost mobile phone the size of a credit card, bills itself as a phone that ‘connects you instantly to the most important people in your life –and that’s it.'

Perfect for children and seniors, OwnFone is the world's first made-to-order mini-phone. The phone is available in a variety of colors, is incredibly lightweight at a mere 40 grams, and allows users to select a maximum of twelve contacts. All of the twelve contacts (as few as 2) are displayed by their names on the screen, allowing users to just push to dial. Users can customize the ‘keypad,' color, and background of the phone, adding images of loved ones or patterns to make the phone uniquely theirs.

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