Play An Immersive, 360˚ Version Of Ms. Pac-Man

Play An Immersive, 360˚ Version Of Ms. Pac-Man

Japanese game designer Keita Takahashi takes the classic game from a small arcade game to a 3D experience.

Jeremy D. Williams
  • 4 september 2012

Keita Takahashi, a Japanese game director, has created a 360° Pac-Man game. The ‘3D Pac-Man Room’ is an interesting experience for those participating in the 2012 BabyCastles Summit at The Museum of Art & Design in New York. The game uses projection-mapping for an engaging adventure into nostalgia. Visitors can interact with the exhibit using video game controllers similar to those of a Super Nintendo or they can choose a classic joystick. The ‘3D Pac-Man Room’ bridges the gap between the digital and physical realms with an experience the whole family can enjoy.

Check out the video below to see the 3D Pac-Man Room in action:

2012 BabyCastles Summit

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