The chain has rolled out ‘7-Election’, which lets customers choose between a cup with the name of their preferred candidate. This data will then be used for polling information.

7-Eleven has rolled out an election-themed promotion that gathers polling information from its customers. For the ‘7-Election‘ you can choose between an Obama cup or a Romney cup for your coffee.

The chain is keeping tabs on how many of each are sold, and Obama currently has the national lead with 58% of purchases. In Vermont, the candidates are tied 50/50, while in California, Obama has the decisive lead with 61% to 39%. It's worth noting that some states are not participating, which can skew the data. 7-Eleven is also launching a ‘Mobile Oval Tour' starting on September 28th, which will see a semi truck with a replica of the Oval Office visit 20 U.S. cities.

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