To promote the launch of new show Hunted, the network has created posters that feature a mysterious company and appeal to only a sliver of the population.

Cinemax has blanketed Wall Street with posters that read ‘We're Not For Everyone. Just The 1% That Matters' to promote its new show Hunted. The posters are for a fictional company called Byzantium Security, which features in the drama, and they direct people to a website where they can take part in a five stage test with some bizarre questions.

Online visitors are set a series of psychological challenges to determine whether they are worthy of employment at Byzantium Security. They were designed with help from a cognitive psychologist and magician. After completing the personality quiz, emotional response test,  logic puzzles and more, participants are assigned one of five roles within the company. They can then access a set a of exclusive images and sign up for future briefings from Byzantium Security.

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