Agenda Announced For PSFK CONFERENCE LONDON 2012

Agenda Announced For PSFK CONFERENCE LONDON 2012

If you work in advertising or marketing, or you are a designer, an educator, or a true digital native; or just a global change-maker, there's something at this event for you.

Piers Fawkes, PSFK
  • 10 september 2012

If you’re still toying with the idea of coming to PSFK CONFERENCE LONDON on Thursday maybe we can help you decide. If you work in advertising or marketing, or are a designer, an educator, or a true digital native; or just a global change-maker, there’s something at this event for you.


Jess Butcher, Blippar
Dan Germain, Innocent Drinks
Government Digital Services
James Fairbank, Rapha

There’s a line up at PSFK CONFERENCE LONDON to inspire the way you think about creating valuable interaction with your audiences. Innocent Drink‘s Creative Director will describe how authentic storytelling spreads across every touch point of the Coca-Cola owned brand; ad guru Russell Davies with design supremo Ben Terrett will talk about how they are taking years of learning and are applying it to help the government communicate effectively in a new media age; the marketing chief at lifestyle brand Rapha will explain how to build a brand that truly connects with its consumers; and founders of Blippar and Sayduck mobile apps will provide best-in-class case studies on how to augment the shopper experience.


Katrin Baumgarten, Blippar
Julian Thomas, Jaguar
Rockwell Group
Rosie Thompson

We have amazing creative minds at PSFK CONFERENCE LONDON that will change the way you apply your skills to your work. One of Jaguar‘s most senior designers will describe how he concepts cars of the future that relate to people today; a founder of the Pearlfisher design firm will explain how he took years of experience of working with clients and applied it for good; NYC-based architects Rockwell are sending the founders of their LAB to demonstrate how offline and online worlds can meld together to create experiences; artist Katrin Baumgarten will show how she pushes the emotional boundaries of human interaction with technology; and a panel of the next generation of designers will tell you how they plan to shape the world.


Debbie Forster, Apps For Good
Jason Milligan, Sesame Street Workshop
Bethany Koby,
Bethany Koby,

The speaker list at PSFK CONFERENCE LONDON includes experts leading the way people learn and gain skills. The founders of will talk about their mission to get people to build as much tech as they consume, a senior storyteller for US-based Sesame Workshop will describe the new frontier of technology learning for children (and their parents); and the Apps For Good COO will describe the amazing response she received when she showed young people how to design their own digital experiences.


John Pugh, Boehringer Ingelheim
Dhani Sutanto, Artist
Matt Web. CEO, BERG
DJ Spooky

There are a handful of innovative creatives who are evolving the tech experience speaking at PSFK CONFERENCE LONDON. The digital director of German pharma company Boehringer Ingelheim will launch the game Syrum and talk about the use of games to engage an audience and learn as you have fun; artist Dhani Sutanto will describe how he hacks tech for a more human experience, BERG design studio’s founder will provide insight behind his mobile printer; and DJ Spooky will call in from America to explain why he sees the app as a creative instrument and then conduct a live musical experience.


Diana Verde Nieto, Postive Luxury
Tamara Giltsoff
Stan Stalnaker, Ven
Richard Banks, Author

The line up at PSFK CONFERENCE LONDON includes some exceptional minds trying to create change through new approaches. The founder of will talk about how data and transparency can drive better consumer decision making; expert Tamara Giltsoff will explain where the sustainability movement has moved on to; the creator of digital currency Ven will describe how dual-systems can change the way the world works; Microsoft Research‘s freshest-thinker will explode our notions around ownership.

Now we’ve written all this, we can’t wait either. And it’s not only about what happens on stage. Anyone who has been to a PSFK event before knows that the interaction and sharing of ideas between the people in the audience is just as important.

We’re really excited about PSFK CONFERENCE LONDON on Thursday. Doors open 8.30am, show starts 9.30am for a full day. A big thanks to our sponsor Waggener Edstrom for all the amazing support.

We hope we’ve persuaded a few of you guys that it’s worth attending! Tickets and further details can be found here.


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