Airbus proposes 5 platform changes for air travel by 2050, lessening CO2 emissions and minimizing travel time.

Airbus launched their Smarter Skies proposal this week, unveiling new research, polls, and several projected solutions, which they hope to implement by the year 2050. The concept image below highlights their five platform changes, including decreased CO2 emissions, assisted take-off's called ‘eco-climbs,' and V flight formation patterns. Click the image below to expand.

Additional Airbus info graphics list poll results, revealing that 96% of those polled believe that air travel will need to be more sustainable in the future and 68% believe we will fly more in the future. Of those interviewed, 65% believe that flights don't take the most direct route, a majority believing air traffic control is to blame. Airbus' platform changes, according to the company, would address these issues.

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