Anti-Theft Smart Fabric Signals The Presence Of Intruders

Anti-Theft Smart Fabric Signals The Presence Of Intruders

German researchers have created a intelligent threads that are designed to not only trigger an alarm when breached, but also identify the exact point of the break in.

Emma Hutchings
  • 10 september 2012

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration in Berlin have developed a smart fabric that triggers an alarm when penetrated by intruders and can pinpoint the exact location of the break-in. This innovative woven material could lead to a new kind of anti-theft system that is cheap to produce, reliable, and durable.

The fabric incorporates a fine web of conductive threads connected to a microcontroller that detects warning signals emitted when it is cut and triggers an alarm. This solution not only signals the presence of intruders but also indicates the precise point of forced entry. The fine lattice of conductive threads woven into the fabric enables the place where it was cut to be identified to the nearest centimeter.

Anti-Theft Smart-Threads Signal The Presence Of Intruders

A patent has been filed for the fabric, which has potential applications in protecting museums, jewelry shops, bank vaults, and trucks against thieves. It could be laid on the rafters of a roof underneath the tiles, integrated in concrete and blockwork walls, or used as a backing material for floor coverings.


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