Digital Works Created By Artists Using Only Their Eyes [Pics]

Digital Works Created By Artists Using Only Their Eyes [Pics]
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'Eye Gaze Artists' uses software and eye control hardware to help artists with sever physical disabilities create unique pieces.

Emma Hutchings
  • 10 september 2012

Eye Gaze Artists‘ Sarah Ezekiel and Patrick Bates use their eyes to create digital artworks, giving people the opportunity to buy unique pieces of art and support people with severe physical disabilities. The artists can’t create art with their hands due to their ALS and Cerebral Palsy, so they use digital art software and Tobii eye control interfaces attached to computers.

Our artists embrace every aspect of their lives and by combining drive, imagination and the most amazing technology bring to you the chance to own a piece of their life story.

Their art is available online at Eye Gaze Artists and you can click through to see a selection of their creations below:

Eye Gaze Artists

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