Are Mannequins Responsible For Women’s Negative Body Image? [Video]

Are Mannequins Responsible For Women’s Negative Body Image? [Video]
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A new short film features mannequin creator Ralph Pucci, as he talks about body image and changing societal visions of beauty in his Manhattan factory.

Emma Hutchings
  • 10 september 2012

Mannequin creator Ralph Pucci shares the art of mannequin design inside his Manhattan factory in Nick Sweeney and Aaron Peasley’s short for Nowness. The 3-minute film features Pucci talking about body image and perfection, and how the mannequins reflect the times we live in because their size and shape changes as society’s perception of beauty alters. Pucci believes the perfect female body in mannequin form is around six feet tall, a size two, and has measurements of 32–22–32. You can watch the short below:

Apotheosis: Ralph Pucci

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