The Roundel logo is the subject of a diverse collection of new artworks for its 100th anniversary, which will be featured in a book released next month.

The Roundel (red circle with a blue line through the middle) is the symbol for the London Underground. In recognition of its 100th anniversary, Art on the Underground commissioned 100 artists to reimagine it, creating new works of art.

International artists including Sir Peter Blake, Phillip Allen, Alicia Framis, Martin Boyce, Susan Hiller, and Richard Wentworth created a diverse range of works in photography, paint, drawing, print, collage, and sculpture. All 100 artworks were on display for three weeks in London's East End and a selection is now exhibited on the Underground in a range of formats. A new book called The Roundel: 100 Artists Remake a London Icon, is released next month and will explore the project further. Click through to see a selection of the refashioned logos:

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