Germany Introduces Giant, 98-Foot-Long Bus

Germany Introduces Giant, 98-Foot-Long Bus

The Autotram Extra Grand Bus can seat 256 people and will be introduced in Dresden later this fall.

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  • 6 september 2012

It’s a plane, it’s a train, it’s a… bus? The city of Dresden, Germany will soon be adding a 98-foot-long bus to its public transportation system. The $10 millon bus, designed by Fraunhofer IVI and the Technical University Dresden, can seat 256 passengers- more than some commercial planes.

Remarkably enough, drivers aren’t required to complete any special training to operate the three-section Autotram Extra Grand Bus. The bus features a computerized, multi-axis steering system that lets the driver operate the bus similarly to a regular, 39 foot long bus. The Autotram is currently being tested and is expected to hit Dresden’s streets in October.

But with 256 passengers on board, watch out for frequent stops!

Watch a video below for more information about the world’s largest bus:

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