'Fliz' is a reimagined bike design that looks like a cross between running and cycling.

German designers have reimagined the universally-accepted bike design to offer a new kind of cycling experience. ‘Fliz‘ has no pedals- instead, the rider hangs in a harness and pushes themselves forward to ‘scoot’ along. After running to build up momentum, the rider can place their feet on special treads near the rear wheel.

The glass and carbon fiber laminate frame integrates the rider and works like a suspension. The harness, which is custom-built for each rider, adjusts their position and has a five-point fastener for a quick and easy release. These features reduce pressure in the crotch and distribute body weight while running. Fliz was designed as an homage to the first bicycle ever created- in 1817 Baron Karl von Drais invented a two-wheeled riding device, commonly known as the ‘Dandy Horse.’ The updated Fliz design is in the running for a James Dyson Award in Germany.

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