BMW Hides New 3 Series In Google Maps, Finder Wins The Real Car [Video]

BMW Hides New 3 Series In Google Maps, Finder Wins The Real Car [Video]

In Sweden, the auto maker places their new Touring vehicle within a map of the country, challenging local residents to uncover the car.

Emma Hutchings
  • 5 september 2012

BMW in Sweden is offering the public the chance to win the new BMW 3 Series Touring this summer– all they have to do is find it first on Google Maps. Created by Jung von Matt, the new BMW car is ‘hidden’ within a map of Sweden. Users can log-in with Facebook for their chance to find the car on a dedicated website; users will know they’ve won when they find a bright red BMW 3 Series. Embedded in the maps are blue BMWs that point the way to the car, and blue stars give users a greater map area to look in (users are assigned specific areas and ‘unlock’ additional frames the more they search). The competition will run for two weeks (or until someone finds the car) and every day, the search for the car will get a little easier .

Watch the video below to learn more about BMW ‘Signposts:’

BMW Vagvisarna

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