Unique Silhouette Portraits Mark A Young Girl’s Growth [Gallery]

Unique Silhouette Portraits Mark A Young Girl’s Growth [Gallery]
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Brent Holloman captures a profile shot of his baby girl each week, turning the picture into different images like clouds, an egg, stars, and a collage.

Emma Hutchings
  • 6 september 2012

Graphic designer Brent Holloman captures the silhouette of his baby daughter Vie (short for Genevieve) each week and creates a unique image with it, which he posts on his blog. This interesting art project shows his little girl’s development from when she was just one day old up to 18 weeks. Holloman plans to continue producing one silhouette a week for the first year of her life and then print a poster of all 53 of the illustrations (52 weeks + 1 on the day she was born). So far, he has transformed the silhouette into clouds, an egg, stars, a maze, and an island, amongst other designs.

Click through the gallery to see a selection of the silhouettes:

Brent Holloman

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