Traveling 3D Printer Fits Into A Briefcase [Video]

Traveling 3D Printer Fits Into A Briefcase [Video]

PopFab from MIT is a mini multi-tool that combines a 3D printer, CNC milling machine, vinyl cutter, and programmable drawing device.

Emma Hutchings
  • 10 september 2012

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MIT’s Ilan Moyer and Nadya Peek have created a briefcase-sized 3D printer, which is also a CNC milling machine, vinyl cutter, and programmable drawing tool. Designed for a more freelance and nomadic lifestyle, PopFab would allow creatives to easily take their tools along with them as they travel. Moyer’s first video shows off its 3D printing capabilities, while the toolheads for vinyl cutting, milling, and drawing will be shown in future episodes.

PopFab is a multi-tool for the 21st century. At its heart is a computer-controlled motion platform and a means of attaching various toolheads. These enable PopFab to make objects from a digital plan in a variety of ways: current capabilities include 3D printing, milling, vinyl cutting, and drawing — with more on the way. PopFab has traveled the world as a carry-on item of luggage to Saudi Arabia and Germany, and within the USA to Aspen in Colorado. We hope that this is only the beginning.

Check out the video below to see the machine in action:

Ilan Moyer

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