Magazine Cover Made Of Typographic, Poppable Bubble Wrap

Magazine Cover Made Of Typographic, Poppable Bubble Wrap
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Traditional 2D paper is replaced with 3D plastic text for +81's 'Next Creativity' issue.

Allie Walker
  • 13 september 2012

The latest edition of Japan +81, a visual magazine covering creativity around the world, is sure to stand out in magazine racks– quite literally. Instead of a traditional glossy paper cover, the ‘Next Creativity’ issue is made with colorful bubble wrap.

Spanish graphic design firm Lo Siento created the unique cover for +81 by filling individual air bubbles with colored water; artists painstakingly created the text by using a needle to inject the bubbles with the dye. While we’re not sure how the cover held up in mailings, the idea is clever and eye-catching, and a great way to showcase the issue’s theme that featured artists embodying the ‘Next Creativity.’

Click through pictures below to see the making of the typographic magazine cover:

+81 // Lo Siento

All images courtesy of Lo Siento

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