Buick Places AR Cars In Cities And Fans Rehide Them To Win Real Version

Buick Places AR Cars In Cities And Fans Rehide Them To Win Real Version

For the pre-launch of the car company's new city SUV, the Encore, they released a location-based game across China.

Emma Hutchings
  • 21 september 2012

Buick reinvented the children’s game ‘Hide & Seek’ for the pre-launch of it’s new luxury crossover SUV, the 2013 Encore. Giving the game a modern twist, the car company used augmented reality to hide virtual cars in 16 different cities across China. Using a location-based game, which could be downloaded for the iPhone or Android, players could search for the cars with their mobile phones.

After selecting their city, they were shown a map with the general location of the car and had to travel there to look for it. Holding up their phone in front of them, they were given an AR view of their surroundings and were able to spot the virtual car on their screen. Once they found it, they then had to hide it in another location somewhere in the city. Whoever hid the virtual car for the longest within 7 days won a real Buick Encore. Watch the video below to see how the campaign worked in practice.


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