Multimedia Bed Offers Built-In TV Controlled By An iPhone

Multimedia Bed Offers Built-In TV Controlled By An iPhone
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The eco-luxury 'Anemone' can be adjusted with your iPhone, and you can also illuminate the lights and turn on the integrated Bang & Olufsen entertainment and sound system.

Emma Hutchings
  • 12 september 2012

‘Anemone’ is a multimedia box spring bed designed by Dutch interior designer Robert Kolenik, featuring technology from Bang & Olufsen, and manufactured by craftsmen in Lavital‘s bed studio. It is described as “the height of sustainable design, eco-luxury, high-end multimedia experience and sublime sleeping comfort.”

The bed’s features can be operated using an iPhone app, so you can adjust its position, control the lights, and lift the B&O TV from the footboard with a simple tap on your smartphone. There is also a built-in dock in the headboard that lets you charge your device.

High-End Multimedia Bed Can Be Controlled With An App

The beds are made using sustainable luxury materials, finished with quality details and stitching. They are made by hand, exclusively for the owner, and can be tailored to their wants, sleeping habits, and proportions. You can check it out in the video below:


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